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About Me

Life is not stationary. It is constantly changing and moving. As I’ve gotten older, life seems to move faster and faster.

The last ten years have been a blur. Here’s a quick glimpse:

19 – married my best friend, Aaron.

21 – Had our first child, Cohen. First picked up the camera.

23 – Had our second child, Landen.  Left Michigan one month later and moved to Costa Rica, continued to learn camera techniques and editing software…on my own. It was not pretty.

24 – Moved to Houston, Texas.  Started my business, very, very slowly.

26 – Had our third child, Maika. Moved back to Michigan. Continued to grow my photography business into a full-time job…while still being a stay at home mom.

We managed to live in 9 different homes, 2 states, a different country, and have 3 children in the first 8 years of marriage.  There were moments we could have cried.  Ok, we did. But looking back, I’m so thankful for the photos I was able to capture to remember our life as it continued to move from one stage and location to another.

My photography has evolved over the years because of this. It has become a way for me to capture brief moments of life before they change. As a result, I have found myself gravitating to lifestyle work over portraits. When I was young, my mom did a great job of getting those classic Sears family photos each year and I still have them…nicely tucked away in some storage bin in my basement. I lost her at the age of 7, and being so young I don’t have many memories. What I wish I had more of are images of her doing things with us. I wish I had more photos that showed her personality. For me, it’s the images that tell a story that end up being more meaningful.  These are the types of images that end up on my walls.

I want to bring that style to you. I want nothing more then to capture your life where it is right now.  I want these photos to tell your story on your walls and in your photo albums. Stories that you can share 10, 30, or even 50 years from now! Life is moving quickly. Let’s capture it while we can.